Specialist heating and cooling company Devex Systems announces the new Solamander Hydronic Energy Hub developed specifically to address a visible gap in the energy solutions market.

Devex Systems Managing Director John Balass explained that the company had been receiving several enquiries from clients who wanted to know how they could integrate solar and other renewable energy sources with the hydronic underfloor heating systems offered by the company.

Sensing this gap in existing solutions on the market, the Devex Systems team set out to design the Solamander Hydronic Energy Hub as a system that would satisfy changing market needs while also meeting customer preferences for renewable energy.

The company sought to deliver an all-in-one, integrated sustainable energy solution that would allow home owners to use multiple energy sources for a variety of energy applications including hydronic floor heating, radiator heating, domestic hot water and pool heating.

Though the development would require a significant upfront investment from the business, Balass’ desire to promptly respond to client needs saw the Solamander Hydronic Energy Hub being launched in the market within 12 months.

Launched in 2014, the system was installed in several homes with the company collaborating with architects and receiving valuable input and feedback for the original concept, design and functionality of the system. A key objective for the company was to ensure a system that would meet their requirements for saving space and the effective use of renewables, while also including unique features such as direct action, energy prioritisation, buffer floor heating and energy harvesting.

Devex Systems’ first-to-market solution brings home owners one step closer to a carbon neutral home.

Devex Systems was awarded Excellence in Innovation at the NSW Business Chamber's 2015 North Eastern Sydney Business Awards.