The Comfortline ceiling-mounted radiant heating panels, available from Devex Systems , emit up to 10% more usable heat than similar panels.

This high level of heat emission is due to their ‘silicating’ treatment on the heating surfaces, which increases the actual surface area.

This treatment ensures maximum possible level of heat emission from the surface of each panel. The high level of insulation also increases efficiency and aids in eliminating vibrations.

The radiant surfaces of the heating panels are designed in sections of naturally anodised aluminium reinforced by a steel section to provide good mechanical strength. The panels have a modern design with a white plastic powder coated steel plate case.

Mounting: Panels can either be mounted directly to the ceiling with the brackets supplied or suspended using a fitting rail, jack chain or suspension wire assembly. The Technical Data can be referred. Recommended installation instructions must be followed.

Applications: The Comfortline heating panels are suitable for offices, factories, warehouses, workshops, garages, schools, churches, colleges, cafes, restaurants, nursing homes, hostels, community halls, shops and homes.

CL18 - CL36 (240V/415V): Panels can be separately switched providing flexible control of heating. Zoned time and temperature control of individually heated areas is recommended by electronic air sensing thermostats, mounted at approximately 1.5m above floor level in a representative position.

The Comfortline heating panels are available in standard white colour. Other colours are also available by special order.