The unique range of fossilised wood stools from Sentosa Designs is set to be showcased at designEX . Each fossilised wood stool is a piece of art, never to be repeated by nature again.

designEX design exhibition will be held at Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre from 22 - 24 April.

When its organic materials have been replaced with minerals, wood becomes fossilised or petrified (literally meaning ‘turned to stone’) within the original tree structure. The process takes hundreds to tens of thousands of years, and typically occurs when trees are buried under volcanic sediment and preserved due to a lack of oxygen.

The signature pieces are obtained from the lost forests of south east Asia, where local labourers with pick axes exhume the trees individually. The various colours come from trace elements in the water or mud. For instance, shades of brown and amber are created by traces of iron, while manganese oxides produce black and blues.

There are numerous variations of the fossilised stools, each weighing 70 – 100kg. Sculptures, table tops, coffee tables and side tables are also available on request, as is custom cutting to size.