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    V-Zug GK16TIWF Flushed-Mounted Induction Wok Cooktops from Designer Homeware

    Designer Homeware

    Designer Homeware  presents the V-Zug GK16TIWF flush-mounted induction wok cooktops for modern kitchens.  

    The V-Zug GK16TIWF flush-mounted induction wok cooktops feature induction coils beneath the ceramic surface to create magnetic fields that induce heat in the wok, resulting in fast searing and cooking times.  

    Additional benefits include immediate response to power adjustments as well as retention of vitamins and nutrients in the food.  

    The ceramic surface on the flush-mounted induction wok cooktops is easy to clean and splashes can be simply wiped away as they cannot get burnt onto the glass.  

    V-Zug GK16TIWF induction wok cooktops are designed to be mounted flush onto the bench surface and can be installed with other flush-mounted cooktops including Tepanyaki hot plates from the V-Zug range for different cooking requirements.  

    The V-Zug GK16TIWF flush-mounted induction wok cooktops from Designer Homeware measure 39cm in width and also feature overheating protection, direct selection key for easy temperature adjustment and childproof lock.

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