Available from Designer Homeware , V-Zug combi steam XSL ovens have a large 51litre capacity and are available in black or black with stainless steel trim designs.

Manufactured in Switzerland, V-Zug combi steam XSL ovens combine baking and steam functions in the one unit. There is a range of cooking functions to choose from including:

  • Soft Roasting Programme: The combi steam oven automatically controls the core temperature regardless of shape, composition and weight of the meat. The patented V-Zug meat probe allows specifications to within 1 degree of exactly how the meat is to be cooked.
  • BakeOmatic Programme: This automatic cooking function removes the need to manually enter time, temperature, operating mode or weight.
  • Gourmet Steam Programme: Special recipes from top chefs are programmed into the V-Zug Combi Steam XSL oven.
  • Regeneration Programme: Facilitate the warming of pre-prepared meals and convenience foods without losing quality and moisture of the food.
Thanks to the external boiler, only pure and limescale-free steam enters the cooking space of the combi steam XSL oven, meaning no limescale deposits will be developed in its cooking cavity.

V-Zug combi steam ovens from Designer Homeware also feature a water tank behind the control panel which opens automatically at a touch of a button. After cooking, the water is pumped back into the water holder so stale water cannot collect either in the cooking space or in the water pipes.