Available from Designer Homeware , Blanco BOSE6APX self cleaning ovens use a pyrolytic function to clean the interior by heating to high temperature to reduce grease deposits to a thin layer of ash that can be wiped away.

Blanco BOSE6APX pyrolytic self cleaning ovens feature the Clean Air System that filters out unwanted cooking odours through a specialised absorption catalyser, providing a cleaner kitchen environment.

These pyrolytic ovens also include a special Auto Cook function. Simply select from a number of dish options and the oven will do the rest by setting the correct temperature, cooking duration and function selection. The Blanco self cleaning oven also includes a rotisserie function for roasting.

The LCD touch control panel the self cleaning oven is easy to read and use and features digital temperature display for accurate temperature selection. Its door consists of four layers of glass which means the external door temperature is dramatically reduced, resulting in a cooler to touch door. Another safety feature of the pyrolytic oven is Automatic Stop feature whereby the oven will automatically switch off if accidentally left on for a long period of time.