Design Hub have designed and manufactured a finishing product which is versatile enough to cover furniture such as tables, chair and benches, but also bar table tops and other commercial applications. Available in a wide range of designs, Metaganic metal finishes have excellent weatherproof abilities making them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

Metaganic is available in 14 different finishes including: Modium with Bronze, Niseko with Rust, Aluminium Light, Aluminium Standard, Black Rust, Brass Smooth, Bronze Brown Florentine, Bronze Light Pearl, Bronze Standard Patina, Copper Light, Copper Smooth, Copper Smooth Pearl, Pewter Light and Sentinel Copper Pseudo.

The metal finishes can be cut, drilled, joined, sanded and thermoformed, are incredibly durable and strong, and feature a full manufacturers warranty against poor workmanship and materials. In addition, the surfaces are hygienic, easy to maintain and clean making them ideal for areas where customer health and safety is a major priority.

Design Hub are committed to using innovative designs and state of the art manufacturing techniques to produce high quality, cost effective and stylish finishes for all projects. Quality assurance procedures are put in place to assure all aspects, from start to finish, meet customer needs.