Available from Design Hub , Artevista sculptural panels are decorative, versatile and practical wall panels that are manufactured from non-porous materials.

The Artevista sculptural panels are molded tiles that can be used for interior and exterior cladding of ceilings and walls in residential and commercial applications.

The Artevista sculptural panels are offered numerous patterns of a seamless continual design while Oscillate panels offer acoustic dampening properties, making them ideal for applications where sound absorption is requires. Other sculptural panels in the series include Cubistar, Corrugate, Egg, Modium, Neo, Rasp and Sticks.

The Artevista sculptural panels can be fixed horizontally or vertically to existing structural walls and can also be supplied with their own fixing system.

Design Hub Artevista sculptural panels are available in a standard 750mm x 750mm size, however, panel sizes and colours can be customised on request. 

Artevista sculptural panels feature certification for food contact (non-porous) NSF/ANSI 51, high chemical resistance properties ANSI Z124.6.5.2 and ANSI Z124.6.5.5 and a low flammability and smoke index AS 1530.3.1989 (class 1 and class a fire rating).