Design Glass  offers different varieties of multi-coloured glasses. The various models available in multi-coloured glasses are aqua/lime-602383CC, aqua/white/violet/wispy-WO85, cobolt/rose-603486CC, congo-602282CC, green/amber/blue ripple-M 2160ML, heather-609286CC, indigo pink-609386CC, rainforest-602186CC, teal/rose-602484CC and violet/pink/blur/green whispy-WO35.

Violet/pink/blue/green wispy coloured glasses offered by Design Glass are very light and come in the size of 266mm x 410mm. Teal/rose glasses are form spectrum with a rose wine on a pearl white background. The swirls of colours on these glasses are breadth taking and are available in the size of 305mm x 305mm. Rainforest glasses come with an array of brown and green colours on an opal with patches of pearl with a gentle texture.

Aqua/lime coloured glasses from Design Glass give a melting effect of opal white, lime green and aqua blue and these glasses are the preferred choices of the customers. Congo coloured glasses symbolise green forests of congo with swirls of opal and green. Cobolt/rose coloured glasses are the combination of rich cobolt blue and rose and are easy to cut spectrum glasses.

The other products offered by Design Glass are stainless glass, copper foils, glass mosaics, bevels, baubles and warm glass.