Delsound  offers intercoms, headphones and communication equipment. Delsound was established in the year 1970 by Trevor Dellit. The products offered by Delsound are ideal for domestic and commercial applications. Delsound offers access control, aiphone and TOA intercoms.

Communication equipment from Delsound includes digitalk, Icom, vertex standard, digitech and GME electrophone. Digitalk range of communication equipment from Delsound comes with 150 millimetres and includes the antennas. It includes 40-channel UHF walkie-talkie equipped with a continuous tone coded squelch systems.

Delsound offers range of GME electrophone equipment. The TX3420 electrophone is practical and versatile. It is rugged in construction and easy to install. It comes with remote mounting panels and microphones. The features include user selectable duplex, 5-digit selcall with quiet mode, user selectable open and group scan, frequency band scanning, 59 extra users programmable receive channels.

The headphones from Delsound include Australian monitor, Beyer dynamic and AKG. All these headphones are ideal for commercial and domestic applications. Australian monitor headphones from Delsound come with closed systems. It is ideal for use in film, broadcast and recording studios. These headphones have extended bass response, detachable cables and it is modular in construction.