Delsa introduces a new collection of tiles designed by Gordon Guillaumier, innovatively using rejects as a matrix of precious texture and patterns.

The new collections, aptly named Bits and Pieces, represent a contemporary reinterpretation of the art of decoration in ancient Rome. Replacing a marble tozzetto tile with a slit of wood not only goes against the norm but also cleverly reproduces the wood effect with ceramics. This design style reveals the richness of the Bits project, which in the Quad and facet versions, presents different but historically impossible graphic theories.

The ‘Quad e Facet’ inlays, which featured wood in the Bits version, become marble in the Pieces collection, the ‘tozzetti’ chasing one another in an orderly but deliberately irregular fashion to provide artisan quality and help perceive an installation without any interruption whatsoever. This time, background options include gloss granulate in two-tone grey colour nuances inside which the marble ‘tozzetti’ is grafted, the short veins producing an almost hypnotic effect.

Piemme is extending its product range with the new 20mm thickness. The extreme versatility of this new material caters to all outdoor application requirements. Piemme 20mm is a new design surface, strong, reliable and unchanging over time.

Ceramiche Piemme has been awarded the ADI Ceramics Design Award @ Cersaie 2016 for the Bits and Pieces collection designed by Gordon Guillaumier.