Delsa is introducing a new collection of Italian made mosaic tiles designed to leave a distinctive impression in any environment.

Imported from Horus Art, an Italian leader in the production of mosaic and subway tiles, Delsa’s new Musive Collection reinterprets the ancient art of mosaic in a contemporary way, using the three basic geometrical elements (squares, circles and triangles) to create both striking elegance and exclusivity.

The mosaic surface of the Musive Collection is a constantly changing play of light and colour. The three variations in the mosaic tile collection, Pixel, Caleido and Coriandoli, are available in different colours, from the elegance of gold, steel and bronze to the simplicity of monochromatic black and white through to a lively dynamic colouristic solution that reveals itself in a sensual symphony of colours.

The Musive series from Horus Art is available on pre-order at Delsa.