DEKS Industries  was established by George Cupit and it is also a part of Skellerup Group. DEKS Industries provides high quality products such as roofing washers.

DEKS quality roofing washers from DEKS Industries are opted by fastening suppliers and they ensure weather tight seal against rain, wind, heat and sunlight.

DEKS roofing washers ensures sealing at all the joints present between the screws and the roofing sheets. DEKS roofing washers are analysed according to their conductivity, tear strength and traceability. DEKS roofing washers are further classified into Dekseal TrueBlue, Dekfast Multi-seal, Dekseal Engineered and Dektite Roofing Washers.

Dekseal TrueBlue roofing washers from DEKS Industries are available in two different forms namely TrueBlue smooth and TrueBlue Fluted. The features of Dekseal TrueBlue roofing washers include automatic assembly to minimise downtime, easy to assemble nature and resistance to ozone and UV rays.

Dekfast Multi-seal roofing washer provides extra strength and it is encapsulated with metals. It has four sealing points which offer perfect sealing. These Dekfast Multi-seal roofing washer is available form 12 – 32mm.

Dektite roofing washers are engineered in such a way that they are ideal for metal, plastic and fibre glass roofs and they also have a polycarb Dekseal feature. The features of Dektite roofing washers include ensured sealing between fastener and washer, resistance to ozone and UV. The carbon black present prevents corrosion problems.