Decorators Art , founded in 1989, supplies fine art wall-décors such as prints, hand-coloured prints, serigraphs and original art for commercial and large scale private interiors.

Consulting services from Decorators Art are used by interior decorators, designers, retailers of fine artwork and furniture, builders of display homes, property developers, hotels, restaurants and cafés, corporate offices, aged care accommodation, retirement villages and hospitals. Decorators Art regularly exhibits its designs at major trade and design shows.

Decorators Art collaborates with its clients to decide on style, colour and materials for mouldings and mounts and sources a wide collection of prints, serigraphs, hand coloured prints, giclees and original art from national and international artists.

Decorators Art offers a wide range of decorative pieces and artwork and also provides on-site framing and mirror services with its customers existing collections. Decorators Art also frames and mounts special items such as awards, certificates, plaques, memorabilia and treasured items and have an extensive range of mouldings which includes metal and solid wood and a wide range of mat board colours. Decorators Art also designs period reproduction to modern style mirrors.