Decorative Technologies Aust  manufactures decorative textured wall coating systems called Décor-tex coating system. These coating systems are used for bagging bricks and masonry surfaces.

Décor-tex is produced from finely, dispersed rust free minerals in acrylic-based emulsions. These mineral provide a strong and flexible uniform coating finish and can be applied on a wide range of surfaces such as brick, lightweight concrete, compressed cement sheeting and concrete panels. Décor-tex gives a light and sandy textured finish in a wide range of colours. Customized colours are also available in decorative coating systems.

Range of sealers from Decorative Technologies Aust includes sealers Exposeal, same day sealer, high build sealer, decorative concrete sealer and cover-tex sealer. Sealers are resin-based products which uses quality raw materials.

The Exposeal is a ready to use acrylic sealer which is used for sealing exposed and separated surfaces. The sealers are UV stable and have a non-yellowing solvent based acrylic resin. Decorative sealers are used for stenciled and coloured concrete while the high build sealer is used for extreme heat areas. The same day sealer is used as a first coat on cured concrete while the cover-tex sealer is exclusively used for spray on paving products.