When you’re looking to specify sustainable building materials in your projects, you need information about each product’s green certification and compliance details.

Decor Systems knows how important it is to build in a sustainable way for future generations. To help you get a better understanding of their products’ green certifications, the company has put a ‘Green Pack’ together that will assist with specification of sustainable materials where possible.

This document outlines the various certifications that you can expect from Decor Systems’ products and the way they are manufactured.

The contents of the pack are listed below. Please note that not all the documentation may be relevant to your specification; if something is missing, please let us know.

  • Certification matrix – 3
  • How our core range is green-certified – 4-5
  • Green Glossary – 6-7
  • How to specify to earn Green Star points – 8
  • GECA Certification – 9
  • FSC Certification – 10–11
  • Global GreenTag Certification (stock raw material) – 12-13
  • LEED Certification – 14-18
  • Decor Systems Environmental Policy – 19-23
  • Decor Systems Warranty – 99-Year Guarantee – 24-28

Download Decor Systems Green Pack – 2021