Decor Systems takes you on a road-trip down memory lane, with the journey traversing multiple locations across Sydney – each building representing a milestone in the company’s growth story.

Beginning with Homebush where it all started in the late 1960s, to Smithfield and Mortlake, and now at Silverwater, Décor Systems’ various addresses represent a journey that remains ongoing.

From the first building in Richmond Road, Homebush, Décor Systems moved to Long Street, Smithfield. At this time, the company was known as DecorVent Industries, a subsidiary of Aldex Industries, all under the ownership of the Faulkes family. Purpose built and opened in 1972, the building was a beauty in its day.

In 1980, Aldex was sold to a major hardware conglomerate, but DecorVent Industries remained under the family’s ownership. DecorVent moved to Mortlake to two different factories – while one of these has since been demolished, the building in Bertram Street still stands.

The 2002 relocation to a brand-new purpose-built facility in the Silverwater Estate saw the rebranding of the company to Décor Systems, a name which was a more accurate reflection of the activities of the business.

Décor Systems remains passionate about staying ahead of the pack in the field of decorative interior acoustics. Our people are the best, and our systems are cutting-edge, cost-effective and fully compliant.

It is here at Decor Systems that we are forever exploring new ways to innovate. It is here that we are determined to remove the friction at every point in the transaction. It is here that we remain determined in our zeal to provide products of the highest quality, to give upfront professional advice and deliver the best acoustic systems backed by our unbeatable 99-year guarantee.