Vogl perforated plasterboards from Decor Systems deliver a bespoke, seamless and suspended acoustic ceiling system with an ultra-fine finish providing extremely high sound absorption values.

Representing a revolution in drywall acoustics, Vogl perforated plasterboards can be installed edge-to-edge on a rigid sub-frame for a perfectly level surface; enable quick installation by eliminating the need for joint filling; offer a high performance acoustically perforated surface; eliminate varying absorption characteristics between finishes and paper surfaces; are available in coloured finishes to specified RAL colour; and help achieve complex convex and concave designs with their flexibility for use on walls.

These acoustic perforated panels come with the Vogl joint system kit that allows seamless installation of perforated acoustic ceilings. The kit contains the required material, equipment and detailed instructions for the highest level of performance during installation and a reliable final finish. Additionally, priming of board edges is not required, unlike other systems, and an optimal surface finish is ensured without visible board edges.