Decor Pebble , a leading brand name in decorative landscaping pebbles and stones, supplies the landscaping and building market with quality natural stacked stone.

Following a highly optimistic response from the market, the company has decided to introduce another 25 colours to its current stacked stone range. The new series is a premium range that will consist of 25 colours. This launch is in response to a gap in the market for affordable quality natural landscaping and architectural stone that is available in an extensive assortment of colours and textures.

The Premium DécoR Stacked Stone is a high quality natural stone, selected to meet the requirements and aesthetic needs of landscapers, architects, builders and designers across Australia. This is a premium range that needs to be pre-ordered. This range is ideal for larger commercial jobs, as the minimum order quantity is 100m². This means that you can finally use a product that will give your design projects that unique look and selectiveness you have been seeking, as not every project will require 100m² of stacked stone.