The most recent project from DécoR Stone is a display home designed by Masterton Homes for the Warwick Farm Exhibition Village in Sydney.  

DécoR Stone’s Crazy Paving in the Bisque colour was chosen to provide a visual detail and accent for one of the Masterton display homes. Geoff Iles, the Managing Director of DécoR Stone, said that the use of natural stone products in residential design is increasing, as architects seek to integrate their buildings with the natural surroundings. While numerous imitation cladding products exist, builders and architects are being swayed towards natural stone because of its durability. 

Bisque crazy paving was used on the front entrance panels of the Masterton home to integrate it with its surroundings, but differentiate it from other Masterton designs.  

DécoR Crazy Paving is a natural stone product with numerous design possibilities. DécoR Crazy Paving is a simple to install flooring material that is supplied in interlocking sheets. Its simple installation makes it ideal for vertical applications too. DécoR Crazy Paving tiles help to capture designer’s vision and current trends of creating outdoor living areas.