Decor Blinds'  Timber Venetians offer a stylish option in privacy and sun control.

Decor Blinds’ Timber Venetians are available in 5 sizes - 34mm, 46mm, 60mm and 85mm flat blades, or the 65mm aerofoil blade, which has the look of a Plantation Shutter, but only half the cost.

Coming complete with traditional pelmets, Decor Blinds’ finely crafted Timber Venetians have a better finish than conventional wood blinds.

Oiled finish

Decor Blinds uses Cedarcraft deep penetrating oil, with mould and fungus resistant properties. It eliminates film build up, cracking, peeling and does not hide the grain.

Lacquered finish

Using the same technology as the flooring industry, Diamond Coat Finish is three times as scratch resistant as conventional wood blind lacquers. It is colourfast with special UV inhibitors, protecting the wood stain finish from fading or yellowing. Also, Diamond Coat Finish forms a protective barrier, providing twice the lifespan when exposed to heat and moisture.

Painted finish

Decor Blinds offers painted blinds in three standard whites, but can match any shade you require. Decor Blinds has over 30 standard painted, stained and washed colours to suit your home.