Decoline introduces a new range of loose lay vinyl flooring planks from Scientific Technology, Korea to the Australian market.

The first non-skid dotted backing layer vinyl flooring in the Australian market, Decoria Loose Lay can be easily installed without adhesives, or clicking the planks together, and is one of only a few floorings available on the market that can be removed and re-laid.

The easy installation of Decoria Loose Lay makes it ideal for a DIY project, helping homeowners save on expensive installation costs. The vinyl flooring is very similar to authentic timber flooring, adding to its visual appeal.

Decoria Loose Lay flooring is also easy to maintain with small spills quickly cleaned up and more serious spills dealt with by simply picking up the affected plank, and cleaning and re-laying it. Decoria Loose Lay also offers a health benefit with an anti-bacterial armour.

Decoria Loose Lay comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee and is available in a variety of colours and designs.