In the world of vinyl flooring there is a myriad of choices within the market and when it comes to specifying the correct option there are many factors to consider in choosing the right flooring solution for your project. Long gone are the days of vinyl flooring being seen as a secondary choice to traditional timber or tile flooring options within a project; with vinyl being specified across many projects throughout the country, creating a demand for more innovative vinyl products within the architectural building space.

With an increasing demand for more sustainable, cost effective options within the industry; flooring manufacturers have had to meet certain expectations when it comes to vinyl flooring.Decoline has been leading the charge within the sector over the years with their vinyl flooring solutions and their product Decoria ® Loose Lay is no exception.

A revolutionary product to Australia, Decoria ® Loose Lay is the first non-skid dotted backing layer vinyl flooring in the country providing the unique benefit of requiring no adhesives in most applications.*

Decoria® Loose Lay is one of only a few floorings available on the market that can be removed and relayed with ease, allowing for a versatile approach to installation and ongoing maintenance of floors; as the panels can simply be removed and replaced individuallynegating the costly task of having to replace larger sections of flooring due to damage or wear.  With the Anti-Bacterial “Nano silver” coating,Decoria® Loose Lay offers a health benefit: with bacteria, viruses and moulds being repelled due to the embedded Silver Nano’s acting as armour, making Decoria® Loose Lay ideal for high traffic areas commonly found within educational, health and public spaces, where cleanliness is paramount.

Decoline is also a leader in the sustainable design and production, with their mission to “foster a healthy and sustainable future for our planet and progeny through the implementation of innovative technologies that reduce waste, minimize consumption of raw materials, promote cradle-to-cradle reuse, and by continuously emphasizing environmental improvement.” In keeping with that statement, Decoline ensures that 67% of Decoria products are composed of recycled material, with 100% of their products being recyclable after use.

Decoria® Loose Lay vinyl flooring options provide a sustainable, cost effective alternative to traditional timber flooring; offering authentic timber appearance and feel with the durability and affordability of vinyl. With applications ranging from healthcare & education facilities through to residential &commercial properties, loose lay is the leader in vinyl flooring within the architectural market.

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*over time product may require some adhesive for certain applications eg. different types of sub-floor or high traffic areas