DECO announces the addition of six new woodgrains to the colour range of their aluminium timber-look finish DecoWood. The new finishes bring the DecoWood Colour Series to a total of 30 different woodgrain options, each one replicating natural timber species from Australia and across the world.

Ranging from light to dark, the new woodgrain finishes provide architects, specifiers and design professionals alike more inspiration and choice in the ever-changing design landscape. These include two new colours in the Exotic Timber Species collection, and four new colours in the Contemporary Timber Species range.

Maple and African Blackwood are the two new woodgrain finishes added to the Exotic Timber Species collection. The light pink hued Maple offers a soft timber finish while the African Blackwood is an inspired take on the native African species, offering a darker timber with a lighter grain that represents the timber’s pale-yellow sapwood.

The Contemporary Timber Species collection has been enhanced by the addition of four new woodgrain colours – Smoked Ash, European Walnut, Driftwood and Dark Mocha. Smoked Ash and Driftwood feature greyish timber tones, the European Walnut has a pale brown timber with a typical irregular walnut grain, and Dark Mocha reflects a deep brunette or ‘mocha’ colour with wide grains for a modern dark timber finish.

DECO continues to develop new colours, with their collections boasting the ability to colour-match almost any natural timber species. It also reflects DECO’s commitment to providing innovative and relevant solutions for the industry.

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