The DECO Australia showroom in Minto is being completely redesigned to help showcase the company’s entire range of architectural building products and finishes.

Designed by leading architecture firm ClarkeHopkinsClarke, the new facility, renamed the ‘DECO Innovation Centre’ is being planned as a flexible, dynamic and collaborative space that will not only evolve in alignment with the company’s growth but also deliver a premium customer service experience.

ClarkHopkinsClarke partner and architect Jordan Curran said his vision was to transform DECO Australia's industrial warehouse into an innovation centre by using their world-class products in real-life applications.

“DECO is a very innovative company with an extraordinary range of finishes and products. They're constantly creating and testing new material solutions for the built environment. For this project, we worked with the DECO team to shape a bright and flexible environment that would allow their client base to interact with and understand the properties of their products. In particular we wanted to display products in natural light, exhibiting how they behave throughout the day and in different seasons. We also wanted to create a sensory experience, positioning products where people could get up close and even touch,” said Curran.

The Innovation Centre will feature DECO’s full range of architectural building products including their unique aluminium cladding, battens and decking systems, as well as a number of soon-to-be-released product lines. The centre will also display the full range of powder coat finishes including the premium timber-look DecoWood, while an operational kitchen will feature their one-of-a-kind splashback product, DecoSplash.

The building will include a large architectural canopy, floor-to-ceiling DecoWood windows, and sculptural DECO elements to welcome visitors as they enter the site. Inside the showroom, customers will find an inspirational space where the DECO team will help bring their design ideas to life.

DECO founder and director Ross Doonan believes the new centre will reflect the company’s core values of quality and innovation. “The DECO Innovation Centre will encourage our team to turn great ideas and concepts into products and processes. It will be an educational facility for our partners and suppliers, and it will be an inspirational space for our customers to come visit.”

The DECO Innovation Centre is expected to open late 2020.