Timber look battens from the DecoWood range by DECO were selected for the brand new Brighton Lakes Golf and Recreational Club in Moorebank, New South Wales. The Mirvac development preferred to use DecoWood in their construction to avoid the numerous issues associated with timber.

DecoWood timber look battens have been installed on the grand entrance of the club in two creative applications. In the first installation, the underside of the soffit lining was enhanced with 100 x 50mm DecoBatten sections coated with the warm DecoWood finish Casuarina. The same profiles were used vertically to create architectural features for the office windows as well as function as privacy screens.

DecoWood was specified for the Mirvac clubhouse due to the high maintenance nature of timber. Unlike DecoWood, traditional wood battens require regular sanding and painting, lose colour when exposed to the outdoors, and are susceptible to degradation and termite attacks.

In terms of appearance, DecoWood compares well with timber but has additional advantages such as a lower installed cost, and no painting requirement ever thanks to the woodgrain powder coating, classified as Super Durable that makes it 50 per cent more durable than standard powder coatings.

DecoBattens from the DecoWood range are available in a range of sizes from 50 x 50 mm up to 200 x 50 mm and larger. Popularly used in architectural applications to replicate the effect of large wooden beams, DecoBatten delivers a clean, contemporary styling in an affordable package.