DecoWood by DECO offers a zero-maintenance, long-lasting alternative to real wood.

Natural timber is an excellent building material but is high maintenance too – lack of care, for instance, can turn a beautiful timber surface into something scruffy and faded. Regular maintenance can also be very expensive and time-intensive. Despite your best intentions, you may not find the time to maintain these timber surfaces.

DECO recently received an enquiry about replacing timber cladding that had failed on 50 townhouses in one of Sydney’s beachside suburbs. The timber was only one year old. The photos above indicate that timber can be a risky choice, especially when people cannot find the time to ensure regular sanding and staining to retain its beautiful appearance.

At DECO, ‘effortless living’ is the focus of all new developments. Effortless living is about respecting your own time and living life intelligently. It’s about getting back in the driver’s seat and making smart choices.

DecoWood gives you one less thing to worry about, saving your time and energy for the more important things in life. Australia’s favourite timber look comes from a two-step imaging process that provides a textured woodgrain finish on aluminium surfaces. DecoWood is environment-friendly, 50 percent more durable than standard powder-coating, will not require any sanding, painting, staining or oiling, and offers a choice of 23 timber grains.