After impressing the architectural market with their ground-breaking finishes including the famous timber-look DecoWood, leading manufacturer of architectural building products and designer finishes DECO Australia has now launched their stunning new anodised range with DecoUltra.

The new DecoUltra range features three different anodised finishes to suit diverse architectural projects: DecoUltra AD, a 15 micron finish for residential applications, DecoUltra AD+, a 25 micron finish for coastal and commercial applications, and the one-of-a-kind DecoUltra ZD, a hard anodised finish for monumental applications.

The new hard anodised finish of DecoUltra ZD is an anodising ‘first’ for the architectural and building industries. A dense, hardwearing 30-micron coating typically reserved for machinery, aerospace, engineering and automotive applications, DecoUltra ZD sets a new standard in architectural performance.

The high durability as well as corrosion and wear resistance of DecoUltra ZD makes it particularly suited to areas with harsh environmental conditions such as high levels of salt spray, UV exposure and severe Australian climates.

In addition to its performance features, the new DecoUltra range of anodised finishes offers an attractive contemporary appearance to complement a wide variety of architectural designs. Additional processes such as polishing, perforation or brushing can be employed to create unique design statements. DecoUltra finishes are also available in several different colours including black and bronze.

DecoUltra ZD was recently specified by architects ClarkeHopkinsClarke for the façade of the new DECO Innovation Centre. Two hundred 1.5m aluminium chevron panels were brushed and anodised to create an arresting motif across the front of the building.

“We instantly loved the new DecoUltra ZD finish and knew we had to really highlight its uniqueness on DECO’s new display centre,” said lead architect Jordan Curran. “By brushing the chevron panels before anodising, and then installing them in randomised directions, we were able to capture different light reflections and create a really interesting visual movement along the façade.”

DecoUltra finishes can be applied to a wide range of laser cut shapes and panels, as well as DECO’s existing range of aluminium building products including cladding and battens.

The DecoUltra range is now available for specification on architectural products.