DECO Australia has launched their latest architectural finishing range, DecoCoat, meeting durability and aesthetic goals.

Formulated to deliver the ultimate in durable architectural finishes across residential and commercial projects, the high-quality powdercoating offers a wide selection of colours, textures and powder ‘classes’. DecoCoat’s exclusive range of Super Durable ‘Class 2’ powdercoating is designed to withstand Australia’s harshest environmental conditions, with 50 per cent more durability than typical powdercoating products. The Super Durable ‘Class 2’ powders are marine grade and UV stable with high colour retention.

DecoCoat’s exclusive ‘Colour Series’ has been curated from an almost unlimited choice of powdercoating colours and textures available in the Super Durable powder range. The 12 on-trend colours in the ‘Colour Series’ assist architects and designers by providing a simplified colour range for quick and easy selection across a wide range of applications.

DECO’s controlled processes and precision application separate DecoCoat from regular powdercoating products. Utilising DECO Australia’s latest powdercoating technologies – including a fully-equipped pre-treatment plant, which is essential for long-lasting finishes – and in-house testing facilities such as accelerated weathering (QUV) and corrosion resistance (AASS) test, DecoCoat delivers the highest quality finishes for even the most complex projects.

“Quality application and a lasting impression are at the core of our new line of architectural powdercoatings. DecoCoat provides our customers with the freedom to achieve their design goals with confidence, knowing they are getting a quality finish that is set to last,” said Simon Pearson, Architectural Business Manager, DECO Australia.

DecoCoat is tested to and compliant with the Australian standard of architectural powdercoating (AS 3715) as well as the international standard for powdercoating as outlined by Qualicoat. DECO Australia has business-wide ISO 9001 Quality Assurance accreditation and is an accredited powder applicator for Dulux and Interpon.

The DecoCoat finish is now also available as a solid colour option across DECO Australia’s range of aluminium building products.