A Melbourne homeowner chose the ‘New York’ splashback from DECO for his new kitchen. Featuring a stunning, panoramic shot of Manhattan Island, the splashback not only represents a nostalgic connection to his hometown but is also an excellent conversation starter for his guests.

The ‘New York’ splashback is part of the Metro Collection in DecoSplash’s Signature range.

A splashback is an important component of kitchen design. Not only do splashbacks protect the wall but they also serve as a focal point for the kitchen, adding a stylish edge to the decor. Customised designs are ideal for adding a personal touch to your home, allowing elements of your personality to shine through, and memories of treasured places and experiences to be preserved and displayed.

Urban Sensations, the builder in charge of the renovations on this inner-city Melbourne apartment, chose DecoSplash for this project for its superior design and high quality, and its ability to add a contemporary element to the kitchen.

The DecoSplash range is designed for simple installation. After Urban Sensations fitted the benchtops in the kitchen, they installed the splashback within a single day, saving on time and labour costs for the homeowner.