DECO Australia introduces a new innovation for building design by DecoBatten – the Space Base.

The Space Base is an enhanced aluminium backing plate designed to allow builders and trade to install on-trend batten facades faster and easier than ever before.

Available in two widths, 25mm and 50mm, the Space Base features an extended backing leg and is compatible with DecoBatten’s two-piece ‘Quick Click’ batten series. By providing precision spacing between each batten, it eliminates the need for measuring and marking prior to installation. In addition, the 50mm Space Base can also be trimmed for smaller gaps, offering complete design flexibility.

The DecoBatten Space Base enables simple installation of batten facades. In addition to accurate spacing, the innovative backing leg allows the Space Base to be installed directly over stud frames, eliminating the time and cost involved with sheeting installation and painting. The batten covers, which are available in an exclusive range of shapes, are then quickly and easily clicked into place over the base to conceal fixings and create a seamless architectural finish.

Space Base can also be installed over other solid surfaces, expanding its use as a versatile design solution for an unlimited range of projects. This DecoBatten innovation can be used to revive tired facades, create a statement ceiling or cover up outdated brick walls and fencing to achieve a modern, sophisticated look with ease.

The Space Base can be finished in any matching or contrasting Super Durable DecoWood or plain powdercoat colour, offering endless design and colour options. The Space Base eliminates the need to paint or prep any surface before installing the battens.

Similar to the entire DecoBatten range, the Space Base is made from 100% solid aluminium, offering a fire safe and non-combustible option for internal and external spaces, in compliance with the National Construction Code as a non-combustible material.