Composites from Decker Composite Decking offer both aesthetics and durability, lasting longer than hardwood alternatives.

Decker’s composite building materials combine longevity and looks, making them ideal for homeowners looking to remodel or rebuild their decks.

Decker’s composites can be used for decking, privacy screening and external house cladding applications. These building materials offer several advantages including cost savings, easy install, consistency in finish, resistance to weathering and low maintenance requirement.

Decker’s wood composites save money over time. While they may be more expensive than natural wood initially, the almost maintenance-free nature of the material ensures significant cost savings in the long-term, unlike wood that would require bi-annual cleaning and recoating at the very least.

Decker composite decking is easy to install as the material is specifically designed for deck-building and is fitted with their economical invisi-clip system. Made from recycled wood and plastic, Decker composites are also very environment-friendly among all building materials as no tree is cut down for their production.

Consistent appearance is a key advantage of Decker wood composites, which eliminates the problem of troublesome knotholes that are often present in natural wood.

Decker wood composites are known in the construction industry as a material that only gets better with time. The material can withstand extreme weather conditions without splitting or splintering, helping to retain the original appearance for a long time.

Decker composites are also very easy to maintain, unlike the hours of maintenance required by typical wooden decks.