Decking solutions from Decker Composite Decking are environmentally on a strong wicket with the composite decking delivering significant advantages over conventional timber decking products.

Environmentally responsible

One of the most environment-friendly products in quality decking solutions, Decker is a superior option to the limited choices available between locally sourced softwoods and imported hardwoods that require repetitive treatment.

No logging or deforestation

Decker’s production does not rely on illegal or legal deforestation of hardwood trees currently destroying the natural environment and animal habitats worldwide. Decker also addresses the demands of a more aware community for environment-friendly products.

Only recycled, sustainable raw materials

Produced from nearly 100% recycled materials, Decker’s composite decking material combines 40% reclaimed thermoplastics with around 60% reclaimed wood fibres/chips. Decker’s manufacturing process keeps thousands of tons of wood and plastic scrap out of landfills every year, while delivering quality, stylish and durable as well as environmentally responsible decking products.

No trees are cut

Wood for manufacturing Decker WPC comes from wood waste generated at wood-working industries. The recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) comes from various plastic production factories, which would have otherwise ended up as waste plastic in a landfill. Many composite brands combine virgin plastics with reclaimed wood, resulting in poor quality wood/plastic composite products.

Recyclable at end-of-lifecycle

Decker composite decking is not only made from recycled raw materials, but is also recyclable at the end of its lifecycle, eliminating any scope for environmental degradation.

No need for nasty timber treatments

Traditional decking products are subjected to surface treatments that not only harm humans and pets but also the environment. Even for ongoing maintenance and upkeep of timber decks, owners have to use a large amount of staining products. Decker does not require any surface treatment to resist moisture, maintain structural integrity and retain colour.

Break the wasteful repair and replace cycle

Unlike traditional decking timbers, Decker is designed not to splinter, warp or rot, dramatically reducing the wasteful cycle of repair and replacement, and eliminating the ritualistic application of paint, sealers and stains, which harm the environment. Decker’s durable composite decking is environment-friendly, reduces maintenance costs and enhances the home’s appearance, adding value to the property and making it more appealing to potential buyers.

Green packaging

End-to-end sustainability is a promise at Decker, which also means the use of sustainable materials and green manufacturing processes all the way to the packaging, made from recycled plastics.

Affordable + eco-friendly

Decker composite decking is an affordable, environment-friendly product unlike many ‘green’ products in the market that charge a premium for being green. By providing a durable product, Decker is also changing perceptions in the building industry about the low functional value and quality of environment-friendly products.