Decina Bathroomware  manufactures a wide range of baths such as rectangular baths, corner baths, oval baths, pressed metal baths and freestanding baths.

Decina Bathroomware manufactures rectangular baths which has maximum internal bathing area and self-supporting feet for easy installation. Other features include steep sides and a comfortable headrest. The Adatto rectangular bath tubs have a deep depth which allows the bather to fully recline into the water. Additional features include arm rests and lumbar supports.

Corner baths are large, comfortable baths which are designed in corner shapes. These baths provides a gently sloping reclining area in each corner which fully immerses the bather. Corner baths are available in two sizes.

Oval baths have an ergonomically shaped lumbar support which helps in cradling the back. The baths have steep sides which give maximum internal space while a generous rim allows for easy installation. Oval baths are only ideal for island setting.

Pressed metal baths are traditional porcelain baths which are coated in pressed metal. Pressed metal baths are imported from Spain and can suit any island setting and are available in white colour.

Freestanding baths have tapered sides which provide optimal comfort. The baths are coated with high quality double skin acrylic sheets and have a wall thickness of up to 50mm. This thickness ensures stability and provides optimal insulation.