The major function of an awning is to protect the windows, doors, verandas, balconies and patios from sun, glare, rain and wind.

Awnings can also operate as a screen, providing the family with privacy. In a lot of occasions, awnings actually provide extension of living areas additionally; awnings have an ideal decorating feature.

A properly designed awning can add styles and colour to the property. There are hundreds of styles, fabrics and colours of awnings.

But overall, base on the way of operation, there are three types of fabric awnings - Straight Drop and Roll Up, Folding Arm and Canopy. 

Davonne Blinds offers a wide range of blinds and awnings, and also assists customers in selecting the ideal awnings.

Straight Drop Awnings, available from Davonne Blinds, are a traditional product broadly used to cover verandas. Many retail premises use them as sun protection as well as an advertising board.

Some straight Drop Awnings can be rolled up to the top when not in use. These are called Roll up Awnings. Roll up Awnings are especially suitable for the places, which people enjoying the view without the harsh glare of the sun. Block out and translucent fabrics are available for Roll up Awnings.