The Roman blinds, available from Davonne Blinds , decorate both traditional and modern style homes.

In terms of light control, Roman blinds can be made in a range of fabrics, including Block out, Light filter and See through fabrics.

Block out range of fabrics offers maximum sun protection, and make the room considerably dark once the blinds are down.

The Block out range of fabrics suits the areas, which have strong sun and heat problems or areas such as bedroom, that require less light.

The Light filter range of fabrics would block the sun, but would allow much light. It provides privacy and light control at the same time.

The benefit of the See through fabrics is that it allows the user to enjoy the view, while being protected from the sun.

Davonne Blinds provides a wide range of Roman blinds fabrics for the customers’ choice, including plain fabrics or fabrics with texture or pattern.