The roller blinds, available from Davonne Blinds , have been in trend in window fashion for many years.

The Roller blinds are a combination of aesthetic look, function and affordability. The Roller blinds are suitable for window covering.

The roller shutters differ from the traditional Holland blind with fancy hem finish. The modern type of roller blinds comes with a straight metal bottom rail or a simple sewn hem bottom. The overall finish including the chain control system could modernise the home.

Davonne Blinds offer different types of fabrics for the customers’ choice, either plain fabrics or fabrics with different textures and patterns. These include opaque, translucent or transparent fabrics.

The opaque fabrics give maximum sun and light protection. The opaque fabrics are ideal for areas, which face west directed sun or bedrooms that require room darkening.

The translucent fabrics are also known as ‘Light Filter’ fabrics. They are good for rooms that require some light and privacy at the same time.