Now available from Davidson Washroom , the new Mediclinics Dualflow brings a new approach to high-speed hand dryer design. The hand is dried from both sides using 300 jets that deliver air at over 200kph. The unheated air is propelled using two motors rather than one, hence the name Dualflow.

The result of this is completely dry hands within 10 to 15 seconds. The user experience is pleasant and similar to having a very short hand massage.

Mediclinics Dualflow energy efficient hand dryers produce less than half the noise of comparable ‘hands in’ type hand dryers, meaning that the user is not subjected to high noise levels.

Mediclinics Dualflow hand dryers also incorporate additional hygiene features. Operation of the unit is hands free, and the water from the hands is collected, rather than re-dispersed throughout the washroom. All surfaces of the Mediclinics Dualflow that are exposed to water have Microban anti-microbial agent embedded in them, killing pathogens for the life of the unit.

Mediclinics Dualflow energy efficient hand dryers are fast, quiet and pleasant to use. They are also eco-friendly, requiring just 20% of the energy needed to power conventional hand dryers. They are stylish and available with a choice of three designer finishes.