The Mediclinics Speedflow hand dryer, from Davidson Washroom , is an environmentally friendly, high speed machine that is compact and quiet, looks great and comes at a highly competitive price.

With the Mediclinics Speedflow hand dryer, money and trees are saved every time someone dries their hands. It uses 20% of the energy used by conventional hand dryers and 10% of the total energy required to dry hands with paper towels, making it the smart, responsible choice for the washroom.

The Mediclinics Speedflow hand dryer can dry hands in just 10 to 12 seconds, which is up to four times faster than conventional hand dryers.

These hand dryers are are designed to be fitted directly into washrooms without requiring extra building works. They have a conventional footprint, require standard fitting holes and are powered by universal voltage. They are also made from high quality components providing excellent vandal-resistance.

Automatically activated, users do not need to make contact with any surface, making it hygienic, and the fact that it is high speed and very quiet means more people will actually dry their hands after washing, a factor alone that makes for a significantly more hygienic environment. 

The Mediclinics Speedflow hand dryer boasts the best warranty of all high speed hand drying machines in the country, a claim based on the quality of it's European parts and the product guarantee given after a rigorous manufacturing QA process. 

The Mediclinics Speedflow ticks all the right boxes when it comes to a washroom hand dryer. Key features include:

  • environmentally friendly
  • quiet
  • high speed
  • compact wall-mounted format
  • sleek, yet neutral modern design
  • meets the ADA (US) requirements for disabled washrooms
  • designed and manufactured in Europe
  • best warranty in its class
  • variable speed settings
  • variable sensor settings
  • safety timer of 120 seconds
  • highly effective vibration isolating mounting blocks.