Davidson Washroom  offers automatic air freshener and insecticide dispensers that are reliable, low profile, and low maintenance.

These dispensing units perform well in demanding and competitive fields and there is also a good range of programming and fragrance delivery options available, for instance; fan-forced gel or aerosol can. Most of these can also be deployed as insecticide dispensers.

Davidson Washroom manufactures Fresh Plus aerosol cans with 4% perfume and a capacity of 3400 sprays. These air freshener dispensers automatically spray at preset intervals to provide a pleasant odour in bathrooms and other public areas.

These air freshener dispensing units are easily fitted and programmed and include a full 7 day cycle. Timer and light sensor models are also available and all models are suitable for Pysect, the natural pyrethrum insecticide.

The air freshener dispensers and fragrance cans complement the extensive range of bathroom equipment available from Davidson Washroom. High speed ‘green’ hand dryers, stainless steel soap, toilet roll and paper towel dispensers along with all the consumables can be viewed on the Davidson Washroom website.