Davenport Trading  specialises in providing a diverse range of stylish furnishings as well as homewares. This company has been providing stylish furnishings as well as homewares for a considerable amount of time. Davenport Trading began its operations in the name of Provincial Living.

Davenport Trading commenced its operations in the year 1982. This company ensures to provide quality custom designed furnishings to its clients. Comprehensive range of exotic furnishings supplied by Davenport Trading includes Asian furniture in combination with Antique Chinese eclectic pieces.

Furnishings provided by Davenport Trading are available in contemporary and modern designs. Homewares supplied by Davenport Trading are available in different colours and styles that uniquely blend with various kinds of internal décor. Davenport Trading ensures to provide reliable and durable homewares to its clients.

Homewares from Davenport Trading comply with industry standards. These homewares have been specifically designed to withstand diverse climatic conditions. Furnishings from Davenport Trading enhance the visual look of the house.