Davco Construction Materials  is specialised in the manufacture and supply of grouts, tile adhesives, sealants, waterproofing and building products to various building and construction industries. Ceramic tile fixing systems provided by Davco Construction Materials include cement based adhesives, premixed adhesives, two part adhesives and grouts.

Cement based adhesives supplied by Davco Construction Materials include Econofix, F1 Express, Glass mosaic additive, SE 7, Ultrafex and SMP 2010. Econofix is a flexible powdered cement based adhesive ideal for fixing tiles onto various substrates. This adhesive is fast setting and is a polymer modified product in white colour. Econofix ideally suits both walls and floors and can be used for fixing tiles on concrete or cement surfaces. Other uses of Econofix include tiling of timber floors, thick or thin bed creation, fixing of ceramic, mosaic, porcelain and terracotta.

Powder Mastic adhesive supplied by Davco Construction Materials is a white cement based adhesive. This can be used for interior and exterior applications. Powder Mastic is ideal to be used on compressed fibre cement sheet floors, also. Unique features of this adhesive include extended open time, non slumpy nature, shrinkage resistance and easy application.

Premixed adhesives provided by Davco Construction Materials include Blue Label, Tradefix grey, Flexible CTA and White One Pot. Blue Label is an interior adhesive which absorbs vibration as well as minimises sound transmission, while Flexible CTA is ideally suited for interior wall tilings.