Davco Construction Materials has released the Lanko floor levelling range, a group of products for repairing, filling or levelling floors in construction projects.

Top of the range is Lanko 133 Pro Level, a cement-based, self-levelling, high strength underlayment designed for levelling floors prior to installation of carpet, tiles or other floor covering systems.

Lanko 133 Pro Level can be used externally for areas such as deck areas and footpaths as well as internally and is suitable for wet areas. It is also compatible with commonly-used adhesives, It has low water demand (approximately twenty percent) allowing for more rapid drying. This means floor coverings can normally laid within 16-18 hours of application.

Lanko 133 Pro Level can be feather-edged but due to its excellent flow and reflow properties there is a lower requirement for this the next day. It also eliminates or minimises trowelling and there are no signs of shrinkage even when thick sections are poured next to thin sections. It can be applied in multiple layers, each up to 25mm thick.

The ease with which the product can be applied is also demonstrated by its lower laitance level - it needs less sanding after application and less sanding is created, making it a highly efficient and time saving floor leveller.

Source: Building Products News.