Davco Construction Materials  supplies various acoustic and waterproofing systems. Acoustic control products include Sound Zero 2-part, Sound Zero Peel and Stick and Sound Zero Mat. Sound Zero 2-part is an under tile acoustic layer while Sound Zero Peel and Stick is a mat used for acoustic control. Sound Zero Mat is a rubber mat which is ideally designed for minimising sound transmission.

Waterproofing systems provided by Davco Construction Materials include water based polyurethane, bitumen, acrylic and cementitious systems. Water based polyurethane waterproofing system, K10 Plus, has the capability of quick drying in about six to eight hours. This can be used for waterproofing internal as well as external areas including showers, bathrooms, balconies and terraces.

Dampflex is an acrylic based waterproofing membrane supplied by Davco Construction Materials. This non trafficable waterproofing membrane has been reinforced with fibre glass matting. Davco Construction Materials also provides various bitumen compounds which are used as waterproofing systems.

Davco Construction Materials supplies additives, primers, cleaners and sealers. Additives are useful for modifying grouts, while primers offered by Davco Construction Materials enhance better bonding with substrate. Cleaners and sealers provided by Davco Construction Materials are ideal for cleaning as well as sealing tiles and grouts.