ConcordNet  specialises in providing web hosting and domain registration services. ConcordNet has been involved in web hosting as well as domain registration services since 1998. This company forms the Information Technology and Communications Division of the Cascade iCOM company. Various services provided by ConcordNet include Linux website hosting solutions, specialist Windows web hosting for business and web developer that include cold fusion hosting, Active Server Pages, Access database as well as Live Web Statistics.

ConcordNet offers starter web hosting plans. These web hosting plans have been specifically developed for hosting small business website as well as personal web page hosting. Starter web hosting plans provided by ConcordNet comprise of several features including website disk storage of about 50 megabytes, 50 email accounts, unlimited email address, email forwarding, live web statistics, unlimited email autoresponders and many others.

Website disk storage included in the starter web hosting plans offered by ConcordNet is the disk space on the internet server that can be used for placing website files as well as storing emails. Email autoresponder is a computer program with the capability of automatically responding the prewritten message to a particular email address. Email accounts incorporated in starter web hosting plan enable to receive the email sent to any address that falls at a specific domain name.