The wholesale system supports different groups of customers. Each group can be given a unique default discount on products. You can manage product availability, and tax settings for each group from the Admin panel of the web store. A customer can be associated with any group, and therefore receive access to certain products only, and discounts associated with that group. Separate front-end and registration pages can be implemented for members of the Wholesale customer group.

Has your business grown enough to require resellers of your products? Is your business model doing well with special discounts and specific shipping terms you'd like to have enabled for certain customers, whilst unavailable to the others?

DataLink Pacifc/ConcordNet's  B2B (wholesale) module for osCommerce can turn your online store into a successfully operating B2B and B2C ecommerce portal.

They add a separate front-end for wholesale customers. This makes special offers and deals available to your B2B customers only. Shipping and payment terms, product and business information, prices and product availability – all this can be customized and made available only to certain groups of customers via the B2B module for osCommerce.

In the Admin panel of your osCommerce online store you can manage customer groups. It is possible to associate a customer with any group. A group of customers has default settings (like default discount %, tax class, availability of shipping and payment terms, etc) that are applicable to accounts of all group members. For each product, you can now set its special price for each customer group OR use our automatic price re-calculation feature.

Even more is available with our module – you can ask your new B2B customers to apply for a login first before they can actually get access to the product catalogue and checkout procedure. This way you pre-screen your new B2B customers easily before they are allowed to start placing orders online.

All orders are stored in the same database and you have access to them from your usual osCommerce Admin panel. It becomes possible to filter orders by customer group for better reporting and easier order management.