A Danpal facade system was installed on the B&B Hotel located in Gujan-Mestras, France to meet the design objectives of the project.

Designed by Arthur Péquin of Blamm Architectes, France, the guiding principle of the building was the conservation and enhancement of the landscape’s qualities around modern architecture.

Danpal was specified for the exterior walls of the B&B Hotel due to its ability to reflect the landscape of the surrounding pine forest in Gujan-Mestras in the Bay of Arcachon. The result is a dense and vertical building that maintains the view of the pine trees. Thanks to the use of Danpal facade walls, the hotel is completely integrated into the landscape, the panels’ translucent nature adding a blurred and ambiguous look to the building.

Ventilated Danpal BRV 16 panels in Green, Empire, Ice and Clear Softlite colours were installed on an area covering 1890 square metres.

An interesting aspect of Danpal’s facade panels is the way the material reacts to the slightest change in the natural light of the sky over the Bay of Arcachon, with striking colour effects and random reflections. The choice of colours also completes the integration of the building into its forest environment. The green facade dominates from afar, merging easily into the pine landscape.