RTV silicone rubber is used extensively in applications where a self releasing and flexible mould material is required. No release agent is needed when casting resin. Silicone rubber also has the benefit to withstand high temperatures of low melt metal alloys. 

Dalchem  are suppliers of liquid silicone rubber in Melbourne. Dalchem supply to a wide range of industries including the automotive, rapid prototyping, marine, art, sculpture, hobby, model making, special effects, casting resin jewellery, silicone bake ware and medical industries throughout Australia and New Zealand.

At Dalchem rtv silicone rubber falls into two main categories: Addition Cure Silicone which has a high tear strength and uses a platinum based catalyst and Condensation Cure Silicone which uses a tin based catalyst.

They also carry other silicone products including liquid silicone spray, silicone diluent and primer. Deciding on which liquid silicone rubber to use for moulding and casting applications is easy with Dalchem's knowledgeable staff available on hand to answer any technical information.