Dalchem , polyurethane plastics suppliers, provide solutions for moulding and casting requirements to clients throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Dalchem have an extensive range that includes flexible and rigid polyurethane resin, polyurethane foam, polyurethane foam spray and polyurethane coating.

At Dalchem, choosing the right Polyurethane product for the customers’ application is the main concern. Dalchem’s team of staff is trained to provide professional advice to ensure customers find the right polyurethane resin for their model, mould, pattern or part.

The Polyurethane foam is available in variety of densities that include flexible and rigid. They are two-component flexible polyurethane foams that are strong and easy to use. The Polyurethane foam is widely used in the arts and crafts, special effects and industrial markets.

Polyurethane is offered in a range of shore hardness, beginning with flexible through to rigid. The Polyurethane resins are designed to replicate many plastic applications and is widely used for model making, pattern making, casting, jewellery making and mould making.