Available now from Dalchem , Technique WC80 is a two component rigid urethane casting compound that is compatible with a range of fillers and capable of reproducing intricate details thanks to its low viscosity.

Technique WC80 rigid urethane casting produces an optically clear finish on curing, making it an ideal casting compound for pigmenting in lighter or pastel shades.

Dalchem's Technique WC80 two component rigid urethane casting compound is suitable for a range of applications including architectural models, model kits, collectibles, masters and prototypes, and decorative components.

Also available from Dalchem Technique TC80 low viscosity, two component rigid urethane casting compound has a rapid setting feature and demonstrates more flexibility than WC80.

Like WC80, Technique TC80 rigid urethane casting is compatible with a wide range of fillers and able to reproduce intricate detail, however it is recommended more for applications where a 'thermoplastic feel' is desired. Technique TC80 is commonly used in the construction of computer housings, models of all kinds, artwork, and can also be used for electronic component encapsulation.